The Sydney University Anime Society was founded in July 2001 by a group of university students intent on bringing anime to the masses. They realised that anime was a growing, popular entertainment media in Sydney and set about providing a place where fans could gather to watch and discuss all things anime.

Since then, the club has grown from a small-time group of fanatics to a fully-fledged society worthy of mention. Whether it be screenings, BBQs, karaoke, trivia, cosplay events, weekly art socials, ramen nights, ice skating, or city tours – there’s sure to be something for every fan of anime and manga, so come along and share your passion with us!

SUAnime is now a member of Anime Sydney, the combination of university anime societies in the Sydney area. We have a number of sponsors who provide our members with various benefits, including discounts on products. SUAnime is also a regular participant in the big-time conventions in Sydney throughout the year, such as SMASH and Supanova – so look forward to seeing us there!

Got any questions? Join our Facebook group, send us a tweet, or drop an email to one of our execs!