Chibis! Cuteness is not a prerequisite for this position.

Exhibit A: A Chibi, per def. 1. Cuteness is not a prerequisite for this position. (def. 2)

chibi  /chi-b’ê/

  1. (adj.) small, deformed versions of anime characters.
  2. (noun) part of the awesome team of volunteers who help keep SUAnime running!

Did you tick a mysterious box labelled ‘Chibi?’ on your membership form? Are you wondering what you’ve signed up for? Relax!

Our club has hundreds of members and only so many execs, so we need an army of chibi volunteers to help us out when things get a bit hectic. It’s a great pathway to becoming a fully-fledged exec in future years, and gives you some insight into the behind-the-scenes of the club without too much of the pressure. If you’re needed, expect an email from our execs – but if you’re too busy, there’s no shame in saying so!

To become a chibi, or change your status, drop an email to our event directors via!


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