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Yokoso (Welcome!) to SUAnime, Sydney Uni’s anime and manga society!

We have a few house rules on how we run our events and online presence. These may be updated at any time.

Have a great time with us at SUAnime, and we look forward to seeing you IRL!

on behalf of the SUAnime Executive Team

Online and Social Media Policy

Our Facebook group serves past and present members of SUAnime as well as the anime/manga community in Sydney. By being a member of this group, you will receive invitations to our upcoming activities.

Our Twitter account (@su_anime) will keep you up to date on upcoming club events, with reminders about time and place. There may even be live-tweets from the events!

Our website is run by the executive team (mostly the webmaster) and includes general information about our club and how to contact us, as well as information about events.

We have a few simple ground rules for our Facebook group, Twitter and

1. Be nice. Discussion is encouraged, but don’t get personal. We don’t tolerate attacks on groups or individuals.
2. Content and comments deemed NSFW (not safe for work), or generally offensive or inappropriate, will be removed at our discretion.
3. NO ADS without exec approval. We have more fun and interesting topics to discuss.

Some general guidelines for our members using Facebook:

  • SUAnime supports the use of official, licensed releases where available. Do not post links to torrents or video streaming sites for anime episodes, or entire chapters or scanlations of manga. These links will be promptly deleted.
  • Events for our Facebook group should not be made without prior approval by the execs (as Facebook will show your event as “for SUAnime”).
  • Please be mindful of what you post. We are a public group, and your posts will be visible to everyone.

Content on these media must also comply with the media’s respective Terms of Uses, policies and relevant laws.

Photography and Video Guidelines

Event Photos
By attending a SUAnime event you agree that you may be photographed by other members. If you do not wish to be photographed, please let the photographer know, or ask for an executive to intervene on your behalf. Photos of events you attend may be posted on our Facebook group, in line with our Online and Social Media Policy. You may request that photos of you be removed by emailing the Webmaster.

We trust that photographers at our events exercise common sense and allow reasonable privacy while photographing at SUAnime events. Our executives have the right to ask you to to stop filming or photographing at events held on University and private venues.
Video recording is generally not allowed at our events, even with the subject’s consent.

If you are a for-profit photographer conducting model/cosplay photoshoots at one of our events, please make yourself known to a member of our executive team. You will also need to have permission from the models themselves. Otherwise, our executives may ask you to stop filming or photographing.


Non-compliance to online policies may result in bans from our Facebook group for a period determined by the executives. The default ban period is 2 weeks, during which time you will not be permitted to reenter the group. Online bans will not affect your SUAnime membership.

Contact us

Issues about any of our social media or online presences may be directed to
For most other enquiries, please email our Secretary at

Last edited 20.02.17