First Event Over!

Our first event of the semester, the Welcome BBQ has passed and wow, that was a blast! We got around 150 attendees and all of us had to rush around to get the event going. But it was sure worth it. Congratulations to the winners of trivia who got some of these prizes.

Well what else can we say? Our expectations were blown out of the water, especially with previous years’ turnout being significantly lower and how we easily ran out of food to serve. Sorry to all those who wanted second helpings. A huge thanks to all who showed up and hopefully this is a sign of the great things to come this year!

As for things that are coming soon, the City Tour is happening this Saturday!
This is a joint event in AnimeMQ  (Link here: where we get to show you the locations of some of our Sponsors! The places we’ll be visiting are Anime at Abbotsford City Store, Hondarake, Yogurberry Chinatown, Maruyu, Anime Kaika, Good Games Town Hall and of course, Kinokuniya.
We’ll meet at Central Station’s Grand Concourse at 10am where we’ll make our way towards Town Hall with a lunch break at Chinatown. And although not official, some people might go karaoke afterwards (However this is not something guaranteed).

Anyway, we hope to see you there!

As for another thing, the winners of our lucky draw have been announced!

Third prize, the Astolfo Poster went to Adam Irwin.

Second prize, the Emilia Nesoberi was won by Nijiao Yu

And finally First Prize, the Black Saber Figurine was won by Bob Zhang!

These lucky people will get notified via email or a social media platform like Facebook and they can pick up their prizes during Drinks Night on Friday Week 2.

Drinks Night I say? Of course! Our first alcohol consumption event of the year is happening on Friday 16th where we all get to hang out and chill after a long week of getting used to uni. We’ll post up more details in a future post.

Oweek booth starts today!

Come on down to our booth today and join our club! You can find our booth next to the Calligraphy and i think Arabic Society? Well either way come on down to join and get a new 2018 limited edition membership card!

What’s more, you can get into the running to get a prize in our SUAnime Gachapon! (Its not really a gachapon 😅)
Of course these prizes have been graciously bestowed upon us by one of our sponsors, Anime Kaika, so they are guaranteed to be great. If letting RNGesus take over isn’t your cup of tea and you rather get something for sure then you can buy a shirt or badge. Here’s a sneak preview.

Well, that’s about it that I can remember right now, so meet us, or else we’ll drag you here, 

(There you go Jimmy I shoe horned in that image )

Come to our Oweek stall

SUAnime Oweek stall

We’re at the lawns outside the Quadrangle

Come talk to us Wed-Fri! We have membership available for people with ACCESS for $5. Don’t have ACCESS? You can get it at Oweek at the ACCESS booth. You should sign up so you can join us! Still unsure of whether to join us? If you sign up, you get a free entry into a lucky draw to win some prizes!

You can also get merch such as Tshirts for $10 or badges for $2, which have been drawn by our awesome art directors! (See exec page for art directors)

See you there!