Our Execs of 2018 are:

President: Ernest Chau

Favourite Anime: Code Geass
Hobbies: Granblue Fantasy, Overwatch
Short Intro: Hi I’m your prez, hope you have a wonderful time in our society. If you have any troubles come find me and I’ll try to help.


Vice President: Christopher Leslie Ho

Favourite Anime: Monogatari Series
Hobbies: Reading, Japanese mobile gaming :^)
Short Intro: I’m a Year 3 Arts student (Psychology/Japanese double major). Come say hi and don’t be shy! 🙂


Secretary: Jimmie Shie

Favourite Anime: Hibike Euphonium!
Hobbies: League, Osu, Hearthstone, Kirara, Cosplay
Short Intro: I do Art/Edu and am majoring in both japanese and math. All i do is sit at home and play games but i love to karaoke.


Treasurer: Ben Lams

Favourite Anime: Sora no Woto
Hobbies: Changes frequently , currently fascinated with kpop and news articles
Short Intro: 2nd year commerce liberal studies;cafe and moe-blob enthusiasts.


Merchandise: Leah Kramer

Favourite Anime: Uchouten Kazoku
Hobbies: Drawing and watching anime and building garage kits?
Short Intro: I dont go here pls dont kick me out. feel free to call me senpai tho


Sponsorship: Gabe Nina Setiawan


Jessica Sun

Favourite Anime: codegeassgurrenlagann
Hobbies: drawing, reading tedtalk transcripts, binge watching, eating spicy food, cooking mac n cheese, go, buying things on sale, trying to propagate succulents and seeing how far i can push deadlines
Short Intro: microbiology major that aspires to find a decent job to pay for my eating, drawing and lazing about


Ewegini Mix

Favourite Anime: NHK ni yokoso
Hobbies: Drawing
Short Intro: I like to draw (Please dont use any real photos of me thanks ><)



Ahram Anna Kim

Favourite Anime: Guilty crown
Hobbies: drawing, reading & collecting manga
Short Intro:


Nick Theng

Favourite Anime: Gundam series
Hobbies: Building Gunpla
Short Intro: I watch too much anime. Currently in idol hell. Follows lots of seiyuu. 2nd yr software engineer.


Jessie Yu

Favourite Anime (of all time): Cowboy Bebop
Hobbies: Sleeping in and watching animal videos
Short Intro: idk I’m bad at intros


Weekly Event: Cameron Easton

Favourite Anime (of all time): Hanamonogatari
Hobbies: Reading and making people suffer in 4 player party games
Short Intro: I procrastinate in the seemingly most productive of ways and I am a recovering roblox addict. I love playing support.


Webmaster: Jeremy Tiang (you can shout at me for shitty website)

Favourite Anime: I guess I play Kancolle and I’m into stuff like Little Armory and Frame Arm Girls, but I didn’t really watch their anime (Little Armory doesn’t have an anime anyway), huh.
Hobbies: I sometimes draw, I sometimes play games, I sometimes cook, I sometimes do other stuff. Huh.
Short Intro: I surprisingly don’t use the computer that much. Kind of counter-intuitive for a Webmaster. Huuuuuuuuuh.


Mascot: Sue Annie Mei – I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that