President: Jimmy Shie

Course: Year 3 Math Education
Favourite Anime
: Hibike Euphonium, Non Non biyori, Cardfight Vanguard
Hobbies: Vanguard, OSU, League of Legends, Cosplay
Self-Introduction: Hallo im your president for 2019 (o´▽`o)
I dont watch anime much recently but I still play anime stuff like OSU and Vanguard. Most of my friends are degenerate weebs so I know my stuff tho. Dont be scared to talk to me (ノ´ з `)ノ

Vice President: Nick Theng

Course: Year 3 Software Engineering
Favourite Anime
: Gundam series
Hobbies: Building Gunpla, watching seiyuu videos
Self-Introduction: I watch too much anime. Currently in idol hell. Follows lots of seiyuu. Apparently I’m a riajuu by Japanese’s standard.

Secretary: James Ding

Course: Year 3 Bachelor of Education (Secondary: Science) and Bachelor of Science (Physics Major)
Favourite Anime
: Non Non Biyori, Kimi no Na wa, Doraemon
Hobbies: Studying in Fisher
Self-Introduction: Ohayou~ I’m James your secretary desuuuu. I mostly watch cute girls doing cute things anime. You can find me in Fisher Library most days. Make sure you read my newsletter every week for information on events c: 

Treasurer: Ben Lam

Course: Year 3 Commerce (Liberal Studies)
Favourite Anime
: GochiUsa
Hobbies: Cartoons
Self-Introduction: I like all forms of cartoons. Western and Japanese both. Currently watching DC animated Universe catalogs. Azurlane is best game. Graf zeppelin best skin.

Special Events Director: Rojhin Hashemi

Course: Year 3 Animal and Veterinary Bioscience
Favourite Anime
: Code geass, Nagi no Asukara, Orange, Fruit baskets, Angel beats, Free
Hobbies: Drawing, attempting to build guitar skills, playing overwatch and league, adventuring to random pretty sites/food places ^^’
Self-Introduction: So 2019 will be my 2nd yr being active in Suanime but first time being an exec. I can be extremely shy but also extremely weird and loud once I get to know people. I have fallen into the abyss of kpop/kdrama for a while now, however i’m trying to dig myself out of that grave and back into the grave of anime/jpop/rock. I read a lot more manga than anime so if you ever have cute shoujo or mystery/magic manga suggestions or discussions I am all for it. + finally I follow way too many animal pages on facebook ><‘

Special Events Director: Vicky Lin

Course: year 3 Software Engineering and Science
Favourite Anime
: Monster, liar game, trail of blood, hinamatsuri, Millennium actress, Daily lives of high school boys, kuragehime 
Hobbies: Travelling/ exploring, paper craft, knitting, running, reading, etc  
Self-Introduction: I used to binge manga as a high-schooler. Being shy and awkward, I joined Suanime in an attempt make friends. It worked out great, and hopefully I can bring forth events for you to meet them 🙂 Hit me up if you have any recommendations, pretty much NOTHING is off limits!!

Weekly Events Director: Eric Jenner

Course: Year 5 Science
Favourite Anime
: Kino’s Journey, Nodame Cantabile, Houseki no Kuni
Hobbies: Music, games, philosophy, etc.
Self-Introduction: It is a tragedy how frequently sakuga and critical analysis are treated in isolation, missing the point of anime as a visual medium.

Weekly Events Director: James Cooper 

Course: Year 3 Pharmacy
Favourite Anime: Clannad
Hobbies: Memes, anime, YouTube, card games, Health science, Radio, Philosophy and gaming
Self-Introduction: Hey guys I’m Cooper I’m a energetic guy and happy to help out anyone, come say hi 😛

Sponsorship Director: Cameron Easton

Course: Year 3 Mechatronics 
Favourite Anime
: Hanamonogatari, Macross Δ, Denpa-teki na Kanojo,Hanasaku Iroha, Zankyou no Terror, Kokoro Connect, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, Pupa, Ookami Shounen wa Kyou mo Uso wo Kasaneru, Kure-nai
Hobbies: Playing board games, listening to music, making regrettable binge reading choices, complaining about my degree
Self-Introduction: I only watch anime so that I can one day win at our club trivia

Merchandise Director: Jessica Sun

Course: Honours Year Bachelor of Medical Science, majoring in microbiology 
Favourite Anime
: Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Jojo, Gundam iron blooded orphans, Magi, Akatsuki no Yona
Hobbies: Drawing, cooking, playing board games, binge watching anime and seeing how far I can push deadlines. accidentally became a bit kboo recently
Self-Introduction: Former art director retiring into a more chill position where I can still help out. still keen on art stuff tho so hmu if you want to join the drawfam chat! idea of a good time is drinking + board games. can probs be found running between isl and cpc this year.

Social Media Director / Webmaster: Minyi Tsai

Course: Year 2 Master of Interaction Design and Electronic Arts 
Favourite Anime
: Kimi to Boku, Haikyuu, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, Wotakoi, Hyouka 
Hobbies: K-pop, photography
Self-Introduction: Heyaaa it’s your webmaster here ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Don’t ask whats a kboo doing in an anime club…. if Anime is life then Kpop is oxygen~ Find me on any of the SUAnime social media accounts! 

Art Director: Dat Nguyen

Course: Year 2 Computer Science 
Favourite Anime
: Aikatsu Stars!®
Hobbies: Drawing, drinking, and listening to Aikatsu!® music
Self-Introduction: I am on the quest of converting the 7.9559 million population of NSW (Australian Bureau of Statistic’s Australian Demographic Statistics, Mar 2018) to Aikatsu!® fans. Please watch Aikatsu!®. I also draw, I guess

Art Director: Yiqi He

Course: Year 2 Commerce
Favourite Anime
: Drrrr!
Hobbies: Drawing,Music,(Daydreaming)
Self-Introduction: Hi I‘m Yiqi,and currently still dashing on the road of drawing. I love designing original characters( ̀⌄ ́) Hope can become friends with you guys and make progress together( ´▽`) Find me on Facebook;Twitter;WeChat;QQ ~

First Year Representative: Ellyn Cho

Course:Year 1 Design Computing 
Favourite Anime
: Asobi Asobase, Nichijou, Haikyuu, Jojo, Bleach, K-ON!, Steins Gate, YagaKimi, HunterXHunter.
Hobbies: memes, drawing, J-Pop K-Pop idols (46/48G, H!P, 22/7, IZ*ONE), making games and 3D sculpting, reading manga and webtoons, badminton.
Self-Introduction: Low-key weeb. High-key reverse trap. Current stage staff at SMASH! con, if you’re going you can see me there! Before USYD, I studied 3D Game Art and Animation, being part of making 6 games so far. 2D/3D art is life ❤️ Hoping to get to know everyone!