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Seasonal Round-up – My Season Finale is Anticlimactic as Expected


With the Summer season about to begin, let’s briefly look back to the season just past and dig out some final thoughts on the shows it gave us. I intend this to be both a final thoughts and a recommendation

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Weekly Round-up – Xanatos Gambits, More Ham, and the Importance of Silence


You know what? I really don’t have much to say about some of these shows week to week, and they’re just taking away space for me to talk about the more interesting ones. So consider My Teenage RomCom SNAFU, Red

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Weekly Round-up – It’s Anime Robert McNamara vs Anime Lyndon Johnson, Who Will Win?


Ah, to fight or not to fight, that is the question. All round a pretty great week for the three main shows of the season, everything else, not so much, and editing Vietnam War era political figures’ faces onto generically

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