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“Gudetama is the best anime character.”
~President Ellyn 2021


Sydney University Anime Society or SUAnime for short, is USYD’s number one society for all your Japanese animation needs (arguably it’s the only society that is centered around anime, but that’s beside the point). Ever since the society was founded in 2001, by a group of (quite possibly bored) university students, the society has been a place where all members can share and discuss all aspects of the anime subculture which includes anime, manga, cosplay, art and drawing, visual novels, gacha games and of course, Japanese memes. In addition to being a neat group to hang out with, we have many events such as Drawmeet, Board Games, [insert other events here]. We also collaborate with other university anime club/societies under the umbrella that is Anime Sydney.


  • July 2001

    The Sydney University Anime Society was founded on July 2001 by a group of university students who were intent on bringing anime to the masses. They realized that anime was becoming a growing, popular entertainment media in Sydney and wanted to provide a place where fans could watch and discuss anime.

    The original founding executives are:
    • Louis Lee (President)
    • Dexter So (Vice-President)
    • Sheau Ping Low (Secretary)
    • Stephanie Loh (Treasurer)
    • Jonathan Tsang-Loon (Editor)
    • Damien McMonigal (Webmaster)
    • David Harmon (Events Organiser)
    • Rui Kikuchi (Art Director)
    • Fei Fei Huang (Logistics Officer)
    • Michael Camilleri (Executive)
    • James Clarke (Executive).

    Since then the club has rapidly grown from a small-time society with a zealous, nay, fanatical following, to a fully-fledged anime society worthy of mention. Their popularity can be attributed to a combination of quality events and screenings of popular and lesser-known yet great anime titles. A constant stream of new ideas, courtesy of our good friend Mr Caffeine, has kept the club fresh and exciting year after year. SUAnime has hosted such events as an animation cel exhibition, a “birthday party” for Astroboy, and a significant contribution to Sydney’s first dedicated anime convention, Animania. Its screenings have included such titles as Death Note, Trigun, Escaflowne, Ranma, Slayers, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Gundam SEED.

  • 2003

    In 2003, SUAnime won the Innovation Award for Best Programme/Event/Activity for its part in Animania and was Highly Commended for the 2003 Best Publicity or Publication Award for its website at the Clubs and Society Awards. It also came 15th in the e-zine AnimeFringe’s list of the best anime-related websites in the world.

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