SUAnime 2016 Membership Card Design

SUAnime Mascots

2020 Card Design by Silky


Nia is the official female mascot of SUAnime. She is the face of SUAnime, making many appearances on our social media, membership card designs, merchandise, etc. Her name is definitely not Sue Annie Mei.


Nia spent most of her childhood reading manga and playing online games. She became popular in high school and didn’t have much trouble making friends. She is well-known for her cheerful and bubbly personality. Despite her social life, she still enjoys spending time alone watching anime.
Muse Artwork by Ellyn


Muse is the official male mascot of SUAnime. He isn’t as popular as his sister Nia so he only makes moment appearances.


Muse is rather soft-spoken and doesn’t like conflicts. He grew up shy and always relied on his sister when it came to socialising. He doesn’t like talking about the scar on his face and used to hide it under his hair. He’s been trying his best to socialise more and found that SUAnime is the best place for him to fit in.