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SUAnime Team 2023




Helllloooo I’m your President, Amanda! I’m currently in my 4th year of uni studying Arts/Law!! It’s my third year being an exec at SUAnime already so you know how much I love it here. I’m always down for a chat so if you see me around make sure to say hi! (´。• ω •。`)



Hailoo~ I'm Rachel (^-^)/) ~ fourth year primary education student that literally just eats, sleeps and games on repeat. Invite me if you play >: (. I'm lowkey am too lazy to do anything~ so you'll find me vibing at ISL with the SUAnime Gang playing some INTENSE board games T^T.


Internal Vice President

Hellooo, I'm Jayrice and currently suffering through my 4th year of Pharmacy, and my address is Level 4, 2 Butlin Ave, Darlington NSW 2008. Feel free to come say hi to me during events and talk about rhythm games or puzzles~


External Vice President

Hiyooooo I’m Alvin, a 4th year Nursing student wondering why I’m still here. I’m usually at events taking photos and cosplaying (/// ̄  ̄///)
Ask me anything about Pokémon or photography~



Hello everyone! I'm Eve, your treasurer for 2023 🙂 I'm a 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce/Advanced Studies student. I love to read, binge watch tv and most importantly sleep!! I will nap at any time of the day hehe


Events Director

Hihii!! I'm Annie, a social work/arts student and one of your event directors for 2023 :))
I may or may not be super obsessed with derp/dead inside mascots like gudetama, blahaj, ditto, and Same-Z. Hit me up if you listen to Neru-P or Royal Scandal ^o^


Weekly Events Director 

Helo im Danny - Third year major in chem + bio. My day include waking up hungry --> going to ISL --> sleep hungry: so im always open for food runs.^_^ Also I watch loads of anime :] (MAL score > 7.50 only) Plus im allergic to cats


Publicity Officer

Ribbet , Hey guys , its your Local Frog Vtuber Kermit (Michael) , I'm a 4th year  doing Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (chemistry) and data science. You might catch me at some events making some origami 


Events Director

Hi I’m Candy o(^▽^)o - a second year radiography student who likes gaming (ahem val), streaming chaotic content and anime (obviously). Find me on that twitch grind and don't be shy to say hello ~


Art Director (Merch)

Hi! My name is Yufei and I study Education, majoring in English and Ancient History! My hobbies include reading cnovels and manhua! Always feel free to say hi when you see me in SUanime events, I love meeting up with new people!


International Student Engagement Officer

Hi guys I am James I like itasha cars and just got into gundam


Events Director 

Hi I'm Bill - 1st year post grad science student majoring in procrastination. Hit me up on the suanime discord if you ever need someone to run it down in your league ranked games.


Art Director (General)

yoyo it's me hats 😀 - 3rd year biomedical engineer student. I spend my days playing games, drawing and watching vids. My favourite genre of anything is and always will be horror >:3. I LOVE to chat with people so plz come talk to me if ya feel up to it!


Media Director

TU TU RUUU!! Herro there I’m Alfred, first year Design Computing student. I like to eat, fish, discover music, create content, and sleep. You may have seen me taking photos at events, feel free to come and say hi!


Weekly Events Director

moshi moshi, Hi I am Nicholais and I drive a car that's halfway to being an itasha *-*, I guess I watch quite a bit of seasonal anime :3 and my favourite sashimi is uni XD


Art Director (General)

Hii my name is Jana and i’m one of the art directors for SUAnime in 2023. Outside my 3rd year medsci student persona,  Hope to see you all sometime at Drawmeet!


Analytics Officer

My name's Luke.
A real introduction? That's none of your business


Kevin Chang


Hey! I'm Kevin, crawling through a Bach of Science. You can find me playing games, at the gym or in a bar. You can hit me up for anything!

Cindy Si Tou


I'm Cindy, one of the many newcomers to USyd and to the SUAnime subcomm this year ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ I love to hoard music albums as well as cosplay, so if you come across me at an event, I'd be more than happy to lend you my help (or a Snow Miku CD or two)! ♪

Lachlan Ly


Hi! I'm Lachlan. I'm in my third year of uni studying Commerce/Law. My favourite animes include Naruto, Bleach, AOT and Fate/Zero. I love drawing, playing tennis, running, and videogames. Feel free to pop up anytime to chat at events or on discord!

George Wu


Hi, I'm George, I'm a 3rd year doing Data Science and Business Analytics. When I'm not coding you can find me crying at my artifact rolls in Genshin or watching vtuber clips among other things.

Charles Cui


Hiya 家人们好!My name is Charles and I'm serving the third year of my five year Commerce/Law sentence (T▽T) I'm super excited to be helping out with events this year, come say hi if you need help pulling Diluc or want to get bodied in Hearthstone ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

Mary Chung


Hi I'm Mary! I'm a third year Commerce student who's always taking up a new hobby :3 I enjoy re-watching Love Live and doing absolutely nothing!

Inika Anand


Heyhey, I'm Inika. I'm a second year software engineering student. I loveee romance anime ♡♡♡. You'll probably catch me making reels around SUANIME events 0_0

(yes that's Jungkook)

Thomas Varvell


Hello, I’m Tom. I’m a second year Software Engineering student who spends way too much time watching trash Isekai. I love talking about anime and games so if you see me around please say hi 🙂

Anna Duong


hello i'm anna (22) and i can't read

William Mak


A very big Digimon fan, happy to guide anyone getting into Digimon

Regina Chen


Hiiii! I’m Regina and I am a first year physiotherapy student! I love anime, seiyuu and reading manhwa/manga/manhua. I love meeting new people and learning about their interests so hmu if you ever see me around


Eunice Ling


Heyo, I'm one of the art subcomms! Currently in my 2nd year of architecture design (the main reason for my lack of sleep). I love cute/ horror stuff and have a mild addiction to Detective Conan. I attend almost every drawmeet, come and say hi!

Ziying Zheng


Hi there, this is Lucinda, an avid sufferer in gacha hell 😀


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