SUAnime Team 2022




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Vice President

Hellooo, I'm Jayrice and currently suffering through my 3rd year of Pharmacy, and my address is Level 4, 2 Butlin Ave, Darlington NSW 2008. Feel free to come say hi to me during events and talk about rhythm games or puzzles~



Hailoo~ I'm Rachel (^-^)/) ~ second year primary education student that literally just eats, sleeps and games on repeat. Invite me if you play >: (. I'm lowkey am too lazy to do anything~ so you'll find me vibing at ISL with the SUAnime Gang playing some INTENSE board games T^T.



sup guys im the new treasurer for SUAnime. even tho ion really watch anime n stuff the people here are pretty chill so ye lol. i promis im finna be responsible with the guap n make sure our pres doesnt drop a bag on something silly :}


Weekly Events Director

moshi moshi, Hi I am Nicholais and I drive a car that's halfway to being an itasha *-*, I guess I watch quite a bit of seasonal anime :3 and my favourite sashimi is uni XD


Events Director

Hiya!! I’m Alvin, a second year nursing student and second half of the photography team at SUAnime! I’m a pretty outdoorsy kind of person that likes taking pictures of birds and cool landscapes. If you ever see me around, come say hi! (╯✧▽✧)╯


Art Director

Hi! My name is Yufei and I study Education, majoring in English and Ancient History! My hobbies include reading cnovels and manhua! Always feel free to say hi when you see me in SUanime events, I love meeting up with new people!


Events Director

Annyeong! Wait, wrong society. Sup, don't talk to me unless you speak the language of the Weebs. Jks, I'm a chill person if you want to talk about anime or manga hmu. Also, stan LOONA and NCT ಠ◡ಠ


Art Director

Hey, I'm Ann and I'm currently going through my Primary Education course like it's a B-grade comedy. Feel free to say hi to me, any mention of the Fate series is the fastest way to materialise me, it’s basically my catnip.


Events Director

Hi I’m Candy o(^▽^)o - a second year radiography student who likes gaming (ahem val), streaming chaotic content and anime (obviously). Find me on that twitch grind and don't be shy to say hello ~


Social Media Officer

yaho social media officer selinya desu~!


External Relations Officer

Hi I'm Bill - third year science student majoring in procrastination. Hit me up on the suanime discord if you ever need someone to run it down in your league ranked games.


International Student Engagement Officer

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TU TU RUUU!! Herro there I’m Alfred, first year Design Computing student. I like to eat, fish, discover music, create content, and sleep. You may have seen me taking photos at events, feel free to come and say hi!


Hewwo I'm Eunice, art subcomm! First year architecture design student (I cry about it a lot). I play Minecraft or Stardew Valley (current obsession) during my non-existent free time, and make mods/resource packs. Insta is if ya wanna check out my art <3


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yoyo it's me hats 😀 - 2nd year biomedical engineer student. I spend my days playing games, drawing and watching vids. My favourite genre of anything is and always will be horror >:3. I LOVE to chat with people so plz come talk to me if ya feel up to it!


1st Year Chem & Stats Major. Minecraft and Clash Royale Theorist. Self-proclaimed board game extraordinaire... come and play a game at weeklies to prove me wrong!


Helo im Danny - second year major in chem + bio. My day include waking up hungry --> going to ISL --> sleep hungry: so im always open for food runs.^_^ Also I watch loads of anime :] (MAL score > 7.50 only) Plus im allergic to cats


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Hellooo! I’m Monique, a second year currently suffering through a science/law degree, majoring in genetics. Anime, manga, manhwa, donghua, games, vocaloid, Kpop, I know it all, so if you ever see me around uni come and say hi! I’ll be looking forward to it~


Hey ~(˘▾˘~)! My name is Elianna! I really love penguins, fruits and sleeping for way too long xd. Feel free to talk to me about anything, I would love to get to know you! You can be the other half of my heart XD!


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