SUAnime Team 2021




Sup, it's your new president who loves Gudetama (I want more merch but I'm poor af). AIE graduate. I came to USYD because I was bored (and wanted to make new friends). Lowkey weeb, highkey reverse trap. Recommend me some GL/yuri series (o´▽`o)


Vice President

2020 has been a rough year for all of us but now I hope I can be the best Vice President ever and lead SUAnime to bounce back bigger and better than every club in Sydney. SUAnime!! To the top



I'm your secretary, Amanda! I write the weekly newsletters so make sure to read them! I'm usually in ISL so come and say hi! I really like chatting to people hehe it doesn't even have to be about anime - do you like XiaoZhan??



Hello. I've learned a few lessons from the challenges that this past year has brought such as properly managing a cashbook, and I hope to be able to apply them in my duties to ensure that our society functions smoothly. I am open to discussing shonen manga as well. Thank you.


Weekly Events Director

moshi moshi, Hi I am Nicholais and I drive a car that's halfway to being an itasha *-*, I guess I watch quite a bit of seasonal anime :3 and my favourite sashimi is uni XD


Events Director

Sup it's Gbay, I'm the token league player of our exec team. I have the pleasure of serving SUAnime as your new events director of 2021, setting the stage for the grand revival of in-person events once again. Hit me up for some cheeky norms and it's gonna be a mid gap.


Art Director

Hello! You will probably find me procrastinating on something or another by watching anime, drawing or reading... How can I apply this level of motivation to life, is the question I ask myself every day


Events Director

Annyeong! Wait, wrong society. Sup, don't talk to me unless you speak the language of the Weebs. Jks, I'm a chill person if you want to talk about anime or manga hmu. Also, stan LOONA and NCT ಠ◡ಠ


Art Director

My name is Helen Trang. I'm 20 years old. My house is in the southwest section of Sydney, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an art director for the SUAnime, and I am awake every day from 10AM to 1AM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink water.


Events Director

Hi y'all! (One of) your events director Jayrice here! First time being an exec for a club/society. Hopefully I'll be able to run more enjoyable and interactive events both online and IRL in 2021. ...yes this includes drinking events don't you worry ( 〃..) p.s. please come to the events I run. tyvm.


Social Media Director

Hewwo this is Selina your Social Media Officer uwu. I like traveling but now I just sit at home and play games all day. I like to use Twitch speak unironically so please don't judge me because I am actually capable of talking normally!!!



Hiya!! I’m Alvin, a second year nursing student and second half of the photography team at SUAnime! I’m a pretty outdoorsy kind of person that likes taking pictures of birds and cool landscapes. If you ever see me around, come say hi! (╯✧▽✧)╯


hello I am james nice to meet u, originally I was meant to only do website stuff but now I am here also for some reason, very cool very good thank you




Hailoo~ I'm Rachel (^-^)/) ~ second year primary education student that literally just eats, sleeps and games on repeat. Invite me if you play >: (. I'm lowkey am too lazy to do anything~ so you'll find me vibing at ISL with the SUAnime Gang playing some INTENSE board games T^T.


Hi I'm Bill - second year science student majoring in procrastination. Hit me up on the suanime discord if you ever need someone to run it down in your league ranked games.

Si Ying

hi hi i'm si ying (or si), a 3rd year radiography student and i'm part of the photography team at SUAnime. feel free to say hi if you see me holding a camera during our events :> i also love to take naps and do digital art when i'm not stuck in art block (╥ᆺ╥;)


Hi I’m Candy o(^▽^)o - a first year radiography student who likes gaming (ahem val) and anime (kinda obviously). If you wanna find me I’m in Fisher a lot x_x so come say hi!


Hi! My name is Yufei and I study Education, majoring in English and Ancient History! I am part of SUanime’s subcomm and my hobbies include reading cnovels and manhua! Always feel free to say hi when you see me in SUanime events, I love meeting up with new people!