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Oweek booth starts today!

Come on down to our booth today and join our club! You can find our booth next to the Calligraphy and i think Arabic Society? Well either way come on down to join and get a new 2018 limited edition membership card!

What’s more, you can get into the running to get a prize in our SUAnime Gachapon! (Its not really a gachapon 😅)
Of course these prizes have been graciously bestowed upon us by one of our sponsors, Anime Kaika, so they are guaranteed to be great. If letting RNGesus take over isn’t your cup of tea and you rather get something for sure then you can buy a shirt or badge. Here’s a sneak preview.

Well, that’s about it that I can remember right now, so meet us, or else we’ll drag you here, 

(There you go Jimmy I shoe horned in that image )